Trump Wall

Trump Wall

Donald Trump's Border Wall Gets the LEGO Treatment with Hilarious Viral Image

Donald Trump’s presidency has been at the forefront of the news since before inauguration, but it’s been antics like his controversial attempts to build a border wall between the United States of America and Mexico that have caused the biggest rumbles. As the US public await final word on the next stages of this , many across the country remain anxious and are considering their own futures. However, one man has taken a different approach in his efforts to deal with the turbulent times.

Reddit user Balderhash, otherwise known as Chris in everyday life, has instead poked fun at the whole furore with a LEGO project proposal like no other. Chris, a Canadian native, first unveiled his very own border wall back in 2017. However, unlike the bricks and mortar wall strewn with guard towers Trump has in mind, this colourful design featured a wall made in LEGO brick form. The creator of this quirky build had put the concept for the LEGO wall together during some downtime after being stuck at home during a bout of illness and unable to work.

The product concept, a hilarious Photoshopped packaging image for the imagined wall, features all those signatures of any good LEGO set. With its familiar LEGO logo, age recommendation and user-at-play image across the front, it’d be easy to forget that this was in fact a joke if it wasn’t for Donald Trump himself on the packaging putting together the final touches to his ‘Tiny Border Wall’.

The creator of this image first published it to r/TinyTrumps on Reddit. Here you’ll find a collection of photoshopped creations poking fun at Donald Trump. After it was published, the image quickly became popular with fellow users, with over a thousand upvotes initially. As it was reposted again and again, the image quickly gained traction and became something for a viral sensation.

Since that first image, Chris has gone onto create further designs for expansion sets to go along with the Tiny Border Wall set, poking further fun at the continued calamities of Trump’s presidency as he strives to get his wall approved by Congress.

The Tiny Border Wall set image might have been created as a way to poke fun at the increasingly unpopular policies of the current US president, but it does bring focus back to the enduring popularity of LEGO with adult users. Adults have been openly enjoying the building brick toy for years now, with the term “AFOL” (that’s “adult fan of LEGO” by the way) first arriving into usage back in 1995. While that term might have been coined as another light-hearted nod to the wide-reaching appeal of the toy, the adult market is by no means a small one. 

Whatever your politics, your views, your thoughts, I'm sure you'll see the funny side to this Reddit User's Photo. And if you are looking for a Trump Minifigure to join the rest of your gang, or even an Obama figure one to have a mixed board, check out our prices